I Think Dogs Have More Biological Knowledge Than Ugandan Reporters

I know that Ugandan culture is a very different thing than here, but it’s still weird to see it demonstrated in a news article like this one about Nathan Awoloi. The story is that he forced his wife to breastfeed puppies when their mother died. Now his wife is having seizures and their human baby died of something that seems like rabies, so probably mommy dearest likely has rabies. But since a doctor couldn’t find bite marks on her breasts, they’ve decided she couldn’t have been forced to do this, so she must be sick in the head. Hello, pups don’t have teeth when they’re really young! they don’t chew on the nipples of their own mothers. Duh! And where else do you think the baby could have gotten rabies? So now they can’t charge him with what he did to her, only with what happened to the baby.

Even more disturbing than that is that they don’t seem to care about the woman’s well-being, and this thing that I think passes for an editorial seems to argue what he did was ok because he had given cows to her parents as part of a bride price, or at least he thinks the guy might have logically thought it was ok because of this. Yes, I know that still goes on there, and women are not considered equals, but it’s weird to see it written in a news article.

And finally, the author of this editorial thing seems to earnestly believe that a human and a dog can create offspring. Sir/madam, as I’m not sure which you are, they can’t. I’m pretty sure that’s biologically impossible. S/he also seems to not know why dogs’ teats don’t bleed after nursing, as if s/he doesn’t know that puppies aren’t born with teeth. Good lord. Even if you’re not scientifically advanced and/or knowledgeable, wouldn’t you have enough power of observation to notice that puppies don’t start out with teeth?

Wow. I’m just amazed. I shouldn’t be, but I am.

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