I’m surprised They Didn’t Steal A Base While They Were There

Wow, another case of someone stealing something way too big to get away with stealing. This time, it was the statue of Cal Ripken Jr.’s No. 8. At least these guys had an easier time extricating the statue than our chili-swiping fools from yesterday, and they had something big enough to transport the statue, but…did they really think it was a swell plan to drive down the streets of Baltimore with the statue just hangin’ around in the open bed of their pickup truck? You’d think they would at least put a tarp over it or something. Nope, not these slow-thinking operators of their slow-moving vehicle. It didn’t take long for the police to catch up with them and recover the statue.

There was no word on why they wanted the statue, or whether it was damaged. My money’s on “it was something to do” and yes.

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