Not sure how to feel aboutthis one.The manhole definitely shouldn’t have been left uncovered and unattended, but had Alexa Longueira spent less time fucking about sending text messages and more time watching where she was going, she probably wouldn’t have fallen into it. Yes, there’s a lawsuit on the way, who still asks dumb questions like that after all this time? “There’s somebody I might be able to pin some blame on? Sweet, how much money do they have?” is just the way things work now. Personally I’d probably look at this one as a wash (especially for the toilet dwelling texter) since both sides are wrong. Feel free to disagree in the comments if you’d like, or you can just do like I did and have a good laugh at the mental image of a douchebag kid on a douchebag cell phone being swallowed by the earth, surely telling her friends about it all the way down.

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