Matthew Don Can’t Read

Hey there Matthew Don Reed. Here’s a tip. the governor would not be caught dead writing a letter to a job applicant that read:

It’s nice to have you as an employee of West Virginia,. Your super (boss) Matt talk a lot of thangs about you. I hope you stay with us a long time. If you got ? please ask Matt.

He also has a seal. So if you’re going to pretend to be him, do a better job, and certainly don’t hire someone with no knowledge of your scam to send your mail for you. you may have been able to trick some people online into giving you their addresses, but you won’t trick everyone. The guy sending your mail for you just might accidentally read some of it and get a little suspicious, no, a lot suspicious, and report you to the cops…which is exactly what happened. Now, if Matt has ? he can ask the jail guards. I doubt they’d say nice thangs about him.

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