Don’t Bite The Biscuit While Biting Into A Biscuit

It’s a good thing this UK study on biscuit-related injuries was commissioned by a company who makes biscuits and not the UK government. Even so, it’s still ridiculous. They’ve even graded the biscuits on level of risk.

Some of the injuries were pretty ordinary. People have burned their tongues after dipping their biscuit in the tea or whatever or somebody broke a tooth. But I think some of these people are riskier than the biscuits! Seriously now, falling off a chair to reach the biscuit tin? wading into wet concrete after a stray biscuit? come on!

I was worried there was going to be a lobby for the elimination of biscuits or something. who knows what bullshit this will lead to.

Hey! None of the injuries involved someone hurling biscuits at someone else,or beating someone with them. It’s not beyond the realm of possibilities. Hello! Food feuds tag, how are ya?

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