Something Tells Me These Two Aren’t Friends Anymore

Prisscilla Mechell needs some help, and immediately.

Apparently, she had been pregnant, but had miscarried. Instead of just saying she miscarried, she kept up the elusion that she was pregnant. then, she made up a date when she was going to be induced and realized she had to find a baby somewhere. Ok? And how long did she think she was going to keep this baby? Didn’t she ever learn about the snowball effect of lying?

So…she went over to her friend’s house, said she’d watch the little guy while her friend tooka nap. When the mom was peacefully sleeping, she scooted out with her baby!

She drove the poor thing home, and shaved his head to change his appearrance. As much as I think her line of thinking was wrong, I can follow it. Here’s where I stop following it. She then panicked, and instead of bringing the baby back to mom, she put him in a trash can and left him there, wanting the baby to die rather than having her get caught. The poor little guy was found and is expected to be fine.

someone that isn’t fine is this woman. That’s just messed up.

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