Double The Money or Triple The Stupid?

Every time I read this story of 3 Australian businessdumbasses, I can’t stop thinking of Sobbing John Rempel. A couple of scammers managed to convince three businessmen that they had a chemical formula that could double any amount of money soaked in it. They just had to leave the money in it for 24 hours and presto! For every bill placed in there, two would appear. They demonstrated with a $100 bill. they wrapped one bill in black paper, put the chemicals on and when the paper was removed, there were 2 $100 bills! No no, there couldn’t have been any slight of hand. No, it had to be the chemicals.

So, between the three of them who fell for it, they gave these guys $160000 and got back 0. The conning theives were found, and it was revealed what the chemicals were. Bleach, baby powder and hair spray. Nope, no money-doubling properties there.

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