What Kind of Dawn Awaits?

Randy Cassingham linked to this video off his blog. He says it’s awesome, and others agree. He said it was an autotuned version of Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking talking about the idea of the greatness of the cosmos. You know how I love the whole autotune concept, so I thought I’d check it out. Personally, I wasn’t impressed. What do you guys think?

I think the reason I was not impressed was the message that was being spoken was distracting me from whatever beauty I could find in the video. The message seemed to say that we should go out and explore space, the sky is calling us, and if we don’t end up destroying ourselves, we should end up out there too.


We were given one planet, and we’re wrecking it. Should we go out and pollute the rest of the universe? Is it ours to own? What is our opinion of alien races who come to Earth in all of our science fiction films? Most of the time, they are considered invaders, and that’s what we would be to wherever we’d decide to “explore”. I put explore in quotes because it’s never just exploration. It’s exploration with the intent to colonize. What did Christopher Columbus and his party do after they found North America and figured out it wasn’t Asia? They set about colonizing it. Exploration is rarely exploration only to learn. It’s to learn…how to bend this new land to our will.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I think that’s why this video didn’t do it for me. does it do it for you?

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