It’s Not Called "Death To The Infidels On Capital Hill"

I saw this article on Snopes, and the sentiment behind the quoted email made me too angry for words.

Some people got upset about the Islam on Capital Hill gathering and started sending this email around saying things like

As I received this news, the Lord immediately brought back to mind the words that He spoke to me quite some time ago saying, “I have strengthened Russia and China to come against America and Islam shall rise up from within America because the last three administrations have given Islam a seat of authority here in America.”

He has had me share this whereever He sent me to speak and no one really wanted to hear it. Nevertheless, it is here! It is happening! Russia and China have been testing America, and Islam is arising!

These nations are but rods of judgment in the hands of Almighty God against our nation because we have turned our back on Him, His will, and His ways. Our nation has been given over to a false god with a false prophet at the helm. Dear Lord, in wrath remember mercy!

According to at least one article, the praying went off peacefully, except for the supposed christians running around with bullhorns acting like dicks. But as you can see, the world did not end.

I don’t know what it is about the one guy saying that there’s no place for religion on Capital Hill because it’s a place for political things that bugs me. If people adhered to that concept, then maybe the argument would stand. But people are always demanding to know what the president believes, and there are constant references to God in political statements. That whole religious folks staying out of political venues argument is only being brought up because people are afraid of Muslims. If some Christian or Catholic religious leader wanted to hold some kind of service on Capital Hill, there might be a few eyebrows raised, but there wouldn’t be a widespread outcry, bullhorns and protests. There might be a few people, but not to this level.

I love how the article mentions that they discussed monotheism and encouraged people to become muslims. It wasn’t said, but it felt like the reporter wanted people to think it was a bad thing. I’m sorry, but it’s no better or worse than Christians saying that there’s only one god, or sending missionaries to developing countries with the express purpose of converting people over to their religion.

I’m not saying having a prayer meeting on Capital Hill is normal, but I’m not willing to say it’s bad either. There’s a lot of racism against muslims, and that’s not healthy. I just think we should all keep an open mind.

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