United Loses Luggage

There’s nothing I need to add here, this speaks for itself. United loses bags of broken-guitar singer After famously breaking his guitar, United Airlines has managed to cause further trouble for David Carroll by losing his luggage — just as the Canadian singer-songwriter was en route to deliver a speech about customer service. Departing from […]

It’s Finger Charrin’ Bad

Wholly fucking crap! That was my reaction upon readingthis,which could very well be the peak of the food feuds tag. The story goes that Mohamed Wahani asked roommate Sahal Said to buy some chicken for him. Said did, but he apparently bought a whole one instead of a quarter. This so infuriated Wahani that after […]

Is That A White Cane? Give It Time…

Here’s a good excuse for ya. No, I wasn’t masturbating and flashing those screaming women. What I waved was a metal cane! Really! I like to smile when I wave my metal cane. Damn you, you don’t believe me! And what stupid wording. He was waving his “body part.” So when someone waves a hand, […]

>My Ruined Life Is A Series Of Beeps

>I’ve gotten a few errant text messages from time to time, but never have I decided that I should meet the wrong number-texter and fight. But that’s what Scott Allen Elder and Brian Matison decided to do. They met in a parking lot and Elder, who actually is the younger of the two men, shot […]

You Can’t Read This Post Without A Screen Ranger

I swear their has to be some kind of contest going on between UK town councils to see who can come up with the most ridiculous safety regulations. If I’m correct in that assumption then the Watford Borough Council has put together an entry that’s going to be pretty hard to top. Not saying it […]