>Priority Too Late

>I will never understand the prioritization of CPS cases. We can rip fathers away from kids over the mistaken purchase of a Mike’s hard lemonade, but this woman can leave her three small children alone and that’s no problem. Oh wait, now it is, because mommy dearest left the littlest kidlet in a hot car for 8 hours…and so ends his short little kidlet life.

I will never understand this quote right here:

“That Priority 2 sounds reasonable to me,” Van Deusen said in an interview. “This isn’t a situation where the child is at imminent risk. It’s not somebody threatening to beat the child or the child crossing a busy highway.

And if the child is unsupervised, what’s keeping them from trying to cross a busy highway or putting themselves in danger? What would they do if a fire broke out? How are they preparing their meals? Do they know how? How can CPS possibly say that they’re not in danger?

And if that’s not enough, just look at this woman’s history. Shouldn’t that raise the risk level?

What a tragedy. And it’s the prevention of these very tragedies that is CPS’s job. What a fail.

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