Last Time I checked, Breasts Weren’t Part Of My Mouth

I was just saying to Steve that we hadn’t seen a freaky dentist show up in a while, and I was worried we wouldn’t find any more. Oh how I was wrong. I would have rather been right, but it was not to be.

Benva Oshana Lazar is quite the prize. He has molested at least 8 female patients, one of them a 14-year-old girl, under the guise of performing breast cancer exams. Not only did he molest them, but somehow, he got a hygienist to tell them that the dentist performing this type of exam was normal. How can that person, I’m pretty sure it’s a woman but I don’t know, live with themselves? If the hygienist said these things after April, when he was ordered to have a female present while examining female patients, then for sure how could she live with herself?

And after doing all of this, he’s only going to get a possible maximum of 8 years. Eight…fucking….years? And he’s probably going to get that credit for time served bullshit and then there’s parole.

The judge also ordered that he do community service. Um…hasn’t he already been servicing the community a little too much?What kind of community service would the judge have him doing? Hopefully it wouldn’t involve youth. Maybe he can shovel dung at a farm somewhere. Oh wait, he might want to molest the animals there, and animals can’t talk.

I love how they’re saying that it’s “entirely likely” that his license will be revoked. Entirely likely? You mean there’s still a remote possibility that the dental board would let him practice again? That’s disconcerting to say the least there, state prosecutor Kim Settles. The thought that he could eventually have patients back in the chair at some point unsettles me.

And I still need to find a dentist…

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