3 Kids, 2 Dogs, No Sense Of Responsibility

Ug. Why do all these news stories about shitty parents come in waves? Now we have Xiomara Enid Diaz and Rafael Viconte Ortiz. Let’s see.

  • They left all their doors open
  • so their 2 and 3-year-old kids could end up roaming the streets
  • Which they did
  • in the nude
  • and rode around on a big wheel.
  • When the naked little darlings were brought back to their home by police, they found 2 sleeping parents,
  • as well as 2 chihuahuas shitting all over the house,
  • no beds for the children
  • and no food.

Way to go guys. Kiss your kids goodbye. Oh wait, maybe this situation only warrants priority 2 status.

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