One Way To Turn All Your Friends Into Enemies In A Hurry

I can’t believe the lengths that Deputy Joe Russell went to in order to trick everyone into believing he had cancer. And for what? So they could give him some sick leave? Oh, he also got a bunch of money and an award for enduring all this cancer treatment.

First, he said he had lung cancer. Then he seemed to fight that off. Then it was brain cancer. Miraculously, he fought that off too. Then he got it in his testicles and said he had to have one removed. Then…he killed himself, and when they did an autopsy, they found he never had cancer, and both his testicles were present and accounted for.

Why would someone do such a thing? I mean, he even shaved his eyebrows and went to tanning beds to make his skin appear red from cancer treatments. He wasn’t even honest with his wife! If you’re not enjoying the time off with your wife, and you’re just slinking off to be alone for your stolen sick time because you know you can’t be seen out having fun, what’s the point?

What a sick man, a sick man who had all of this catch up with him, I guess.

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