When I Hear That Lonesome Whistle, I Hang My Pants And Die

If you’ve been paying attention to the things you read here, you should have long ago learned that walking down train tracks and being distracted do not a good mix make.

Today it’s time to learn something new.

that something new comes courtesy of an un-named 22-year-old German fellow who, after being thrown off of a train for riding without having a ticket, decided to get his revenge via a goodmooning.

Unfortunately for our hero, his pants got caught in one of the doors and he wound up being dragged about 200 bare-assed metres down the line before the emergency brake was pulled and he could be freed.

Amazingly he was unharmed other than the obvious cuts and bruises, which means he will live to see his day in court. At that time he will face charges of dangerous interference with rail transport and insulting the train staff. He could also be on the hook financially if he’s sued for the delays he caused.

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