What A Week, What A Stupid, Stupid Week

So yeah…it’s been a while, like almost a week since you’ve all heard from me. don’t worry, I have excuses. In fact, excuses are the only reason I’m bothering to write something at all.

The short version of the where have I been story can be summed up in 3 words. This week sucked. I could add 4 more words by saying that things still suck now and then go back to sleep, but I want to try to at least put something of even minimal substance up today.

The trouble started for both Carin and I over the long weekend. Carin (or more accurately Trixie) kicked things off with a bang on Sunday and I’ll leave that ordeal for Carin to recount if she feels like it, but the main lesson I hope a certain dog has learned is that bones are for chewing on, not swallowing.

Next up was Monday and the second of 2 thanksgiving dinners for my family. the meal was good as was the company, but it would have been nice if some of that company had decided not to show up for the sake of the rest of us. Come to find out that my uncle and one of his kids were both sick, him for a week and her for I’m not sure how long. Of course, as luck would have it I spent more time than usual talking to this particular uncle, so I bet you can figure out where this is eventually going.

Fast-forward to the next morning. My Grandpa calls my mom’s house to see how we’re all feeling. Why? Well, because now everybody in that uncle’s family is sick, naturally. I knew I was in trouble as soon as I heard this because it’s October, and for some reason me and October have a bad history. sure enough, by the end of Tuesday I’m starting to feel a bit of a tickle in the throat. It isn’t much, nothing that a cough candy here and there isn’t taking care of.

Carin and Trix make it home late Tuesday night thanks to her parents who were nice enough to drive the 6 hours to get Carin back here. A sick dog on a Greyhound bus would have been 0 fun, and even if fun would have been had, unlike a certain uncle of mine we try not to visit our misfortunes on others if we can avoid it.

So after spending part of Wednesday with the Family Carin it’s time to start getting things back to normal…right? Wrong!

For a few weeks they’ve been doing brick work on our building and Wednesday afternoon they finally made it around to our side. Good God it was loud. Hearing JAWS was pretty much out of the question headphones or not which for Carin and I meant that getting anything serious accomplished just wasn’t going to happen. That reminds me, I also broke my headphones this week so I need to buy new ones at some point.

So with Wednesday afternoon pretty much a write-off I started looking ahead to Thursday and things I wanted to do. I wish I hadn’t.

Thursday entered with the slightly scratchy throat having become full blown voice loss not to mention the addition of an endless hot and cold cycle and full body aches that I’m still kind of dealing with today. this is no good because Friday Carin and I have tickets for the Arrogant Worms show that was cancelled back in June after the River Run Centre became a River when the sprinklers malfunctioned. Oh well, if I rested for the day which thankfully I could since the grinding and hammering had moved further away from us there was always the chance I’d be good to go for Friday.

How about no?

I didn’t think it would be how about no at the start. I woke up and had a bit more energy and thought maybe I could pull things together enough to have a nice evening out. that feeling was short lived, coming to its ultimate end when I took a shower and nearly fainted. to make matters worse, Carin decided she’d have what I was having and by the afternoon was feeling about as bad as I was.

But wait, it gets better.

While I was trying not to pass out in the shower, a phone call came. Remember thatDef Leppard concert that was replacing the Aerosmith concert that was supposed to be my mom’s Mother’s Day Present?How about no? Seriously, it’s been cancelled. I can’t believe my luck.

Speaking of concerts, we never made it to the worms. We decided we would do the sad but smart thing and eat the $60 so that we could stay home and rest. Saturday was a big day and we needed to be up for it.

We weren’t up for it.

Well, more accurately I was more up for it than Carin was so things kind of worked out in a way, but entertaining guests is never fun when you feel like Carin did/does, so I give her major credit for doing so well all night long.

All things considered Saturday was awesome. In spite of hardly being able to talk, I somehow managed to sing. It wasn’t the best obviously but I didn’t want to miss the chance to play music for the first time in 5 years with one of my favourite people. and play we did, blowing out what remained of my voice. It quickly got back to where it was pre-serenade which means that I’m still not able to speak much above a whisper, but it was worth the good time and I didn’t suffer nearly as much as I thought.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, exactly how we needed it. We spent a good part of it sleeping and relaxing, trying to get over this son of a bitch flu that just won’t leave. Carin Ultimately ended up worse off than I did. Since Friday she’s hardly been able to eat. Aside from Saturday I haven’t eaten much either, but at least in my case whatever I have eaten I’ve kept.

Hopefully today things will start to turn around. I feel like I’m on the winning end of things now but it’s slow going and I need to use my energy wisely. Carin isn’t up yet but hopefully she’s had a good night’s sleep and doing better.

So if there isn’t much from us the next little while, we’re either still dead or playing catch-up with life. Hopefully things will be back to what passes for normal soon, hopefully your week was better than ours, and hopefully I can soon devote sufficient energy to coming up with another word for hopefully, because there sure were a lot of hopefully’s in those last couple sentences.

Talk to you all later…hopefully.

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