So Long, Captain Lou

While I was busy being sick/screamed at by construction equipment I didn’t get the chance to mention the passing of Captain Lou Albano, who died last week at the age of 76.

Sitting here trying to list off all of the Captain’s accomplishments and what he meant to not only the world of wrestling but to entertainment in general would no doubt take me all day, so here’s a nicerundownof his life from the always excellent SLAM! Wrestling complete with quotes from Lou and some of the people who worked with him through the years.

If you’ve somehow managed never to see Lou in action, here he is plugging WrestleMania 2, his movie, his book and whatever else he can think of but really,he’s not trying to promote anything.Wrestling wishes it had people that colourful and entertaining today.

And speaking of entertaining, I bet you didn’t know that the true inventor of rock music wasn’t anybody who would claim it in the 1950’s, but rather Captain Lou back before the beginning of time. Seriously,just ask him.Yes, the George he’s talking to, the one making all the noises in the background is in fact George The Animal Steele. When I was a kid I used to drive everybody up every wall we had with this song and the rest of the 1985 wrestling album. Kids today, you’ll never understand how much fun wrestling music used to be back before everybody had to come out to one of today’s 5 generic metal songs.

So before you get on with your day today, listen to a littleCyndi Lauperand take a moment to remember the often imitated but never duplicated Captain Lou Albano.

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