>Are There No Limits To This Man’s Greatness?

>Lance Armstrong Inspires Thousands To Come In Third To Cancer

Armstrong’s third place finish, coupled with his relentless endeavors to raise awareness of himself as a cancer survivor and role model, have taken him almost overnight from one survivor among many to a living symbol of a man who only lets two things beat him. To many cancer patients seeking guidance and inspiration, he has become the new bronze standard.

“Lance Armstrong has never missed a chance to stand up and tell cancer patients everywhere to follow his example, and seeing him there on the bottom step of the podium sent us all a powerful message,” 42-year-old Brian Goodwood, who was diagnosed with colon cancer last year, said Sunday. “If third is the best he can do, then I know Lance would want me to do it too.”

Goodwood succumbed to a combination of cancer and complications from chemotherapy Tuesday morning.

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