Those Twisted Wrestling Musical Creations, For All to Hear

Back in September, I mentioned that I’d started making drops for that wrestling radio show. I even mentioned them by name. Well, we have server space now, so why not link ’em? Then people can really find out how weird I am.

If you’re not into wrestling or the shows, this won’t make sense. Hopefully it will make sense to somebody. So without further delay, here they come.

I Got Satchel Ass, All You Need Is Ass, Baby Beluga Featuring Great Khali, I Just Called To Say I’m Done Gus, Can’t Touch Gus, It’s Hard to be Sheiky, Jan Ass Joplin, Oats and Beans and Khali Grow, Sheiky Poppins, and Song in my Ass.

Yeah, they’re weird, but there they are. I’m especially proud of Jan Ass Joplin and Sheiky Poppins. Those took one hell of a lot of work. It’s amazing that so much work can play out in 30 seconds. So…enjoy, or something.

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