Don’t Squeeze The Charmin Embassador

You know you’re desperate for employment when you decide to be a Charmin Embassador. Seriously. What’s the job? Procter and Gamble, from time to time, set up public bathrooms in New York and promote Charmin. They want to pay people to stand around in these public johns, interact with the people going in there to use the facilities, and…blog about their interactions. This is the description:

The five “Charmin Embassadors” will work in the Charmin Restrooms in Times Square from Nov. 23 to Dec. 31. Job requirements include interacting with hundreds of thousands of bathroom guests, maintaining their own blogs and content on Charmin-branded Web sites and popular social media sites, and sharing family-friendly video from the restroom space and surrounding areas.

Like eeewww. Can you imagine how many of these people will get smacked around and have other abuses hurled at them by people who just want to be left to…mind their own business as it were? Yuck. And check out the name. “Enjoy the Go”? What the hell is that?

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