They Did It!

At long last it’s finally happened!Leafs 6, Ducks 3, hat trick by Hagman.

I only saw the little Game In 6 Minutes deal on Leafs TV because it was a late game and watching Raw put me to sleep, but from looking at that and reading the recap, it seems the Leafs put out another solid effort and were helped muchly by the Ducks who played a lot like the Leafs have been playing up to this point, taking lots of stupid penalties that they couldn’t kill off. Hopefully somebody on the Toronto side was taking notes and realizing how much easier it is to win games when you actually have guys on the ice who can throw pucks at the net instead of constantly having to protect their own end from the opposing power-play. I don’t want to get too optimistic just yet, but I’d like to think that with a couple decently played games and a win under their belt that we could be seeing the beginnings of a turnaround here. Next Dallas, then the world!

Moving on, I mentioned Raw putting me to sleep. It didn’t start out so bad, but in the end it was just another show that couldn’t hold my interest. Kofi Kingston and Chris Jericho had a fun match, and if WWE sticks with it (98% chance they won’t) the Kingston Orton feud could be interesting. At least it’s something different. But the one thing I’ll likely remember from last night’s show isn’t a match or an angle because not much of that stuff sticks anymore, but rather one of those charismaless NASCAR driver guest hosts calling poor Kofi Kofi Johnson.

It’s right up there with Mike Adamle introducing himself to WWEby talking about the anticipation of Jeff Harvey,but that one’s still worse because at least Kyle Busch wasn’t being employed by the company as an announcer.

That’s all for now, back later I’m sure.

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