Yea! Woo! Yea! Woo! Dance dance dance. I’ve been holding off on this news because I wanted to make sure it was true. But I know it for sure.

Remember Mylo? The little hell-hound that jumped on Trixie and liked to have a piece of her whenever he could? Well, it’s official! He’s gone!

His owners left the building to move somewhere else. I knew they were going to leave, but wasn’t sure when. The only reason I know they’re gone is Huppy and company are moving into that very apartment, and they got the keys!

So yea! Woo! I didn’t even have to cause trouble, Mylo is gone! I think he’s been gone for a little while, but I wasn’t sure he was gone until right now. Now, Steve jokes that some other dorkbag dog will move into the apartment that will be vacated by our neighbours. Hopefully not. But for now, things are good.

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