It’s Finger Charrin’ Bad

Wholly fucking crap!

That was my reaction upon readingthis,which could very well be the peak of the food feuds tag.

The story goes that Mohamed Wahani asked roommate Sahal Said to buy some chicken for him. Said did, but he apparently bought a whole one instead of a quarter. This so infuriated Wahani that after arguing with Said and making it known that it was offensive to him that it be dictated to him what size chicken he should have, he waited for Said to fall asleep and took his revenge by heating a saucepan of oil to around 90 degrees celsius and dumping it on him.

Said suffered burns over 12% of his body, required skin grafts on his arms and legs and had to spend several weeks in the hospital.

For his part, Wahani has pled guilty to intentionally causing serious injury. He says that he is shocked by what he did and through his lawyer said that he was suffering the effects of some medication he was taking at the time of the incident.

Thankfully there is one bit of humorous irony to be gleaned from all of this insanity. The lawyer I mentioned in the last paragraph? Ian Crisp.

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