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I wanted to write a blog post about random things, but I’m not as cool as R. She can create something out of absolutely nothing and make it look so easy…and hilarious. Me, I need a list. Then I can go nuts.

You know in those commercials for osteoporosis drugs where they say that rarely, jaw problems have occurred? What did you think the jaw problems were? I thought maybe you had some soreness, or maybe, I dunno, something minor but annoying. No no no no. I just found out that in some cases, the drug causes more bone to develop on your jaw, deforming it and making it come out of alignment! It happened to my grandma and her sister! Like eek! That’s just scary. Jaw problems is putting it mildly!

Oh god, I’m going to give the huppy an identity crisis! Several times, I have called him Booboo dog when I’m holding him! He’s gonna think he’s a dog! It doesn’t help that sometimes when his mom changes his diaper, she jokes that it’s his business.

He’s getting heavier. I was holding him yesterday for a while, and today my arms are feelin’ it. It appears I need to hold him more often so I can get some muscles!

I can’t believe he’s almost five months old. He’s such a cutey. But he won’t let me record his cute gurgle gurgle coo babble noises! He’ll make lots of them when I’m talking to my neighbour on the phone, but as soon as I show up, he quiets right down. I haven’t even pulled out my Victor Stream to catch him, and he quiets down. Damn it, he’s eluding me! I wanted to catch his baby cuteness before it fades away just to have…since they change so fast, but he won’t let me. He’s too smart!

Steve just noticed that we’re being followed by Sarah and the pack! How cool is that? Hi there. I’ll have to put you in our blogroll. And hug that big black lab puppy for me. Oops, I thought he was a golden. I was wrong.

We’re going to make something with rice in it tonight. I wonder if Trixie will think she should have some since I gave her rice when she clobbered that bone. I mean I gave it to her in her dish and all, but I wonder when she smells it, if she’ll get all silly.

I’ve talked some about Luther. Well, Trixie has, but ya know. I just found out that he has developed Cushing’s Disease. I know he’s getting old, but I never like to see signs of trouble. Lu has always been there. He was a constant, and one of the first guide dogs I saw a lot of. It’s really freaky to see him sick. Hang in there, Big Lu! You may not be our friend from the moon, but you’re still our friend. God I’m gonna cry.

It’s funny. I considered this place pretty puppy proofed. Garbage cans are in cupboards, the dog food is in bins, stuff is out of reach. But stuff is out of reach for Trixie. You put on some inchs and some determination, and…this place isn’t so dog-proof any more!

A friend came over and had her guide dog. God he’s a cutey with a big head. He had settled down on leash, but he really wanted to play with Trixie. I said ah, let him go…there’s nothing on the floor that he can get into, it’s all good.

Well, the first thing he did was walk into the room where Trixie’s food and toys are, and try to open the food! I walked in and fixed that right quick. The lid snaps down, but I always just loosely put it on since Trixie doesn’t really monkey with it much. Then, he stuck his head up, and since he was taller, he could reach into the toy bin, and so he did…and decided he wanted to play with a tug rope! That goofhead just was a bit taller than Trixie, so he could reach in there! Hell, if he jumps up, his front paws hit my boobs! I know I’m short, but that’s a big boy! We played tug, and then I put the toy back and squished all the bins in so he couldn’t get his head in! It just goes to show ya that every dog has his own fancies, and you can never assume your place is totally dog-proof!

Ya know, before I got a dog, the time change didn’t monkey with me much. I would wake up, fix my watch, and then either go back to sleep or get up, and get on with my day. Now, regardless of what the clocks say, I wake up at the old time for a bit at first. I’m as bad as the dog, wanting to do things at the old time. It’s already getting better, but still, I never used to feel the effects of it at all.

You know when Steve and I got that nasty cold thing? Well, mom’s convinced that we had H1N1! She says she heard on the news that H1N1 is the only strain of the flu goin’ around, so if you were sick, you likely had it. I don’t know if I buy that, but if I did, the swine flu chose to be a wuss with me. I mean, I felt like blech for a bit, but no more blech than any other run of the mill flu. I think I felt way worse in February. This was child’s play compared to that. So if that was H1N1, ha ha ha, see ya later, I beat ya and I didn’t even need a damn shot!

I have to see Dr. Purdon this week. I keep having dreams that he read that old blog post and is going to ask me about it. Well, if he did, I don’t regret anything I said, and I was just very confused by the stuff he was doing. I’ve heard from some other patients, and it sounds like the consensus is he’s just a very awkward man, like a lot of doctors are, and probably isn’t trying to push something weird. I just hope he doesn’t tell me I need the H1N1 shot. I don’t want that thing, it scares me. It’s way too experimental and way too rushed out. No way I want to shoot myself full of who knows what. And hey, if I’ve already had the real thing, why shoot me with a vaccine? I don’t think I want the swab up the nose to find out if I had it, and I don’t know if it would detect it after it was gone anyway. Anyway, I wonder if this appointment with Purdon will be just as weird as the last one.

And that brings us to the end of another rambling pile of who knows what. Hope you enjoyed the trip.

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