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I had a weird thing happen to me at the drugstore. I went up to pay, and the girl said, “What’s your postal code?” Why in hell would they need the postal code when I’m just buying some bread? Hell, why would they need the postal code at all? So I asked her. She said, “Um, we’re supposed to ask for it on every transaction so we can track where our shoppers are coming from.”

Um, whaaat? I find the idea of my pharmacy tracking my purchases and where I’m coming from a little disturbing. I find it annoying enough when Radio Shack, er, The Source, does it, but I find it double eeewww when the drug store does it. Why should they care that I bought whatever I chose to buy and I live a couple of blocks away? Why should it matter? I didn’t give it to her. I said I wasn’t down with that.

I really don’t want to stop shopping there. They’re close by and the employees are cool. I just don’t like this new tracking thing.

I have half a mind to find their customer service number and ask what’s up with the new policy. I don’t know, it just sort of freaks me out.

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