Mushroom-Clouded Thinking

Most people who find themselves in the trains category either don’t notice the train, or are distracted by things like cellphones and scratch tickets. They are not like James Lampiriswho

  • got all hopped up on mushrooms,
  • and wandered around the neighbourhood naked and yelling at himself,
  • only to stop yelling long enough to ask a woman if she was ok.
  • When she said she was ok, but wondered about him, he then started cursing at her,
  • and then ran off towards some train tracks,
  • and straight for a slow-moving train.
  • It hit him, but he survived it,
  • and ran into some woods
  • where he was caught and taken into custody by four police officers.
  • It sounded like quite a fight.

Stay away from the mushrooms there James. They’re not good for you.

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