Some Trixie Questions Answered

I had a couple itcy bitcy Trixie updates that I thought I’d throw in a post.

Since our neighbours moved into the place where Mylo used to live, I was worried that the place would still smell like Mylo and Trixie would refuse to go in. Nope. I went there last night, and Trix came out of the elevator, wondered where the hell we had gotten off…and then saw our neighbour’s doormat and gunned for it! Ok, that was easy.

And when I wondered whether Trixie would go a little nuts when we cooked rice, the answer is yes. Not too nuts, but a little. She was eyeing Steve up and down, and then she ran to me and smashed her nose into her kibble pouch that was still tied to me. Silly dog, you don’t always get rice.

And that’s it. What a disappointing post that was.

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