Business 101 With WWE

Let’s play pretend for a second.

You’re a company. You’re running 14 pay-per-view events per year. Each of these events costs $40. Year over year, your buyrates have been falling at a pretty significant rate. What do you do? Do you lower the price? do you cut the amount of shows you’re running to a more reasonable number like 6 or 8? Do you try to make your over all product better so that your pay-per-view events are can’t miss to your fans so more of them will start buying again?

All of the above are pretty decent ideas I like to think, but if you’re WWE, you do none of these things. what you do in the face of declining interest isdrop only one show from the schedule and then make up for the lost revenue by raising the prices of the remaining 13 shows to $44.95.

I feel like I’ve said this a lot lately, but I’ll say it again. Get the fuck serious!

It amazes me how out of touch this company has gotten not only with fans, but with reality. I have to wonder if during the last round of cost cutting they laid off the last smart business people who had been working there, because this is goddamned ridiculous! You’re competing in a world where UFC’s numbers are skyrocketing even though they charge like $10 more than you (well…$5 more now) while your own are doing whatever the opposite of skyrocketing is and your solution is to raise prices even higher? Way to alienate whoever’s left. Instead of raising prices you should be lowering them and presenting yourselves as a good value compared to the competition. Oh wait, UFC isn’t officially competition to you morons even though more and more people every day are giving up on wrestling and putting the love and money they once had for it into MMA. and really, between stunts like this and the complete shittiness of the product most of the time, who can blame them? Speaking for myself, I hardly ever buy the shows anymore, and this certainly doesn’t make me want to buy more. In fact, if I can figure out a way to buy less of them, you can be damn sure I’ll do it.

Good luck with the increase guys, you’re gonna need it. I sure hope you like small numbers. I know I’m certainly going to enjoy them.

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