A Maple Leaf Milestone

Today is a good day. As of last night, the Leafs are no longer the dirt worst team in the NHL. That honour now belongs to the Carolina Hurricanes.Leafs 3, Hurricanes 2.

It wasn’t the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen, but a win’s a win and I’ll take it. I’m not sure if this win speaks more to how much the Leafs are improving or how god awful Carolina is though. At times especially early in the game when they were down by 2 it looked like they were starting to get discouraged and I was worried they’d go back to that let’s just stand here and let everybody skate through us strategy that worked so well at the start of the year, but thankfully things picked up as time went on.

Now it’s time to hope for the start of a winning streak tonight in Detroit. If Phil Kessel who has been playing his ass off can put a couple of his half million shots on net *in* the net, we might just have a chance.

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