Does This Mean I Can’t Make Fun Of Nickelback Anymore?

It probably doesn’t because they’re still Nickelback and haven’t put out something truly good in almost a decade now, but they’ve got a bit of competition in the wow, this is the same damn song category.

In case you don’t remember the How You Remind Me Of Some Day song,this is how I remind you.

Now with that fresh in your brain, have a listen to what happens when Tone Loc’s “Wild Thing” and “Funky Cold Medina”become one.

Edit: Here’s that mp3 we promised.

Yes, other than the lyrics and a couple notes here and there, they are exactly the same song. I think the Nickelback thing might even be a little less ridiculous because at least with that one whoever made it had to speed things up slightly to make it work and it still came out like a tiny bit of a mess. This on the other hand…all I can do is marvel at the genius of anyone who can sell the same thing over and over to people who don’t realize it.

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