My Milkshake Brings Out The Rage In The Customers And They’re Like, You Can Do Better Than That. I Could Teach You, But Instead I’ll Throw It At You

Ok, it’s time for a tale of…let’s spin the wheel of alliteration…milkshake misadventure. Yeah, that’ll do nicely.

Today I give you the story of an unidentified 48-year old man who just wanted a cool, refreshing shake. To satisfy his craving, he decided to head to an area Dairy Queen drive-through and order one.

Unfortunately, what he got was not to his liking because really, who wants to break multiple blood vessels trying to suck a too thick shake through a straw?

Unlike most of us however, our hero was not willing to just deal and wait a few minutes for it to thin out and then get on with life. Instead, he came into the store and no doubt politely explained to the clerk on duty that he was not content with the viscosity of the current offering and requested that another be prepared, which it was.

Attempt 2 as happens on days when nothing is going one’s way was also not to his liking, so in keeping with the tradition of not acting like the rest of us, he decided to teach the young punk behind the counter a thing or 2 about proper technique by doing what you would come to expect from a food-related post on Vomit Comet andchucking that sumbitch right back at him and leaving.

fortunately he was quickly tracked down and cited for simple assault.

Good on the kid who took the throw for pressing the charges. so many people decide not to when somebody apologizes to them and I’ve never understood why. Unless somebody really hates your guts they’re going to apologize when a policeman and the threat of fines or jail is hanging over their head, so the apology is meaningless and nobody learns anything.

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