I Made Another Song

Well, I’ve made another silly little song bit for that show I was talking about, and this one needs an explanation.

Steve and I were eating breakfast and he had an old episode of the show on. The part we got to when we were sitting there was this whole discussion of how Dave Batista’s bald head apparently looks like a giant turtle. I don’t know how a bald head looks like a giant turtle, but if I could see Batista, they seem to think I would understand.

So anyway, Steve and I looked at each other, and said, “There’s a song in here somewhere.” So we thought and we thought. We thought about the Ninja Turtles theme song, but it just didn’t seem to flesh out right. Steve and I were each busily trying to come up with turtle songs, when it came to me! The duck and cover song! It would work perfectly…and without further delay, I give you…Dave the Turtle!

That was hard, but amazingly, I got it done quicker than I thought. Enjoy. And if anyone can find a picture of Batista that you are sure makes him look like a giant turtle, please send it to us.

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