When They Catch You, It’ll Be A Day To Remember Alright

Hey there you no good cenotaph-vandalizing assholes. I hope you’re happy with yourselves. You went and smashed a monument that’s been around for 86 years, and you did it just before Remembrance Day. Yeah, that makes you into real heroes, you think? Do you? Honestly? I have another couple of words for you. Disrespectful cowards! I think that’s more fitting.

I have tears in my eyes and I didn’t even lose family in the war. How could you disrespect people who died? Regardless of your feelings about the war, it is downright disgusting to defile a memorial.

And then a bunch of people go and say the following:

An organizer with the Fredericton Peace Coalition denounced the damage but said the outrage is misplaced.

“Although what happened is, of course, tragic, the real tragedy is the endless war that a majority of Canadians oppose and has killed tens of thousands of Afghans and over 100 Canadian soldiers,” Alex Corey said in an e-mailed statement.

What? Why don’t you go tell some veterans their rage is misplaced? I dare you. You idiot! If you don’t have anything intelligent to say, just shut up. It would be better for you and your group.

And what does that even mean. That’s like saying I disagree with your mom. So, when she dies, I’m going to go piss on her grave because I didn’t like what she did in life. Yeah, that makes a hell of a lot of sense.

I don’t like the wars going on right now. That doesn’t mean I have any less respect for the people who were sent over there to fight. They don’t relish what they’re doing either.

What a bunch of shitheads. Why don’t you go do something productive. I think you should slave away with the maintenance people to rebuild what you smashed. Then maybe you should apologize to each and every family who had members’ names on the memorial. Then you might understand how much of a hero you’ve become.

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