You’re Wasting Perfectly Good Change! Yeah? Well You’re Ruining A Perfectly Good Evening!

Thissounds like the wildest and stupidest wedding fight in a while.

The trouble started when one of the guests took exception to the groom tossing money onto the dance floor for children to pick up. The groom and his brother asked the guest to leave, and so began the pushing and shoving which begat the complete retardity.

Some of the wedding guests chose sides and that led to an all out brawl that spilled out into the parking lot. Investigators say nearly 40 people were involved.

Tampa police officers arrived to break up the crowd and one of the first officers to respond was hit several times while trying to break up the fights.

That’s pretty bad, but here’s where things totally go sideways.

The fighting ruined the reception and some of the guests and wedding party members headed to their hotel nearby where the fighting erupted all over again in the parking lot of the Marriott Residence Inn which is located at 4312 Boy Scout Boulevard.

I’m sure the Boy Scouts are so proud.


A woman put the groom’s 74 year old grandmother, Mary Wright in a choke hold.

Wright told 10 Connects that she was trying to calm down the crowd and tell them not to fight on such a special occasion. She says that’s when her attacker said “I’m going to have to choke you out.” Wright says she lowered her chin and managed to push the woman’s arms away from her neck. Wright says she wasn’t hurt.

According to detectives one of the wedding guests called a relative to come over and get involved in the brawl. Malcolm Hepburn who wasn’t a wedding guest showed up and started beating up the groom’s father in the hotel parking lot according to police. They say Hepburn threw Andrew Thompson to the ground and kicked him in the face and ribs. Thompson says he didn’t even see it coming.

Since then Thompson has ended up going to the emergency room because he’s pretty sure he suffered some broken ribs, and Hepburn has gone downtown with some fellows dressed in blue because there’s no doubt that he’s a moron.

Police are still looking for the hero who tried to choke out Grandma. They say there will be criminal charges filed against her if/when she’s caught.

As for the happy couple, they escaped physically unharmed and are currently away on their honeymoon in the Bahamas. If they’re smart, they’ll stay there and think no more of the imbeciles who unfortunately share acquaintance and genetics with them.

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