Our First Lesson Today Is All About How Money Talks

At Rosewood Middle School in Raleigh, instead of selling chocolates or flowers to raise money, they’re selling grades. If you give them $20, you get 20 test points, split between 2 tests of your choosing. That means if there’s one test you failed, you can raise the grade to a pass. Or if you bombed one, you can just raise it to closer to passing. The principal insists this won’t affect their general grade…much.

This is so bad on so many levels. I know they’re desperate for money, but isn’t this teaching kids that they can just bribe the teacher to get a better grade? Shouldn’t kids at least think that you can only get the grades you get by earning them?

As a kid, I know I’d be pretty upset about this event. I worked my butt off all year, and to see people buying a higher grade on a test would make me mad mad mad.

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