And Don’t Forget, To Give Me Back My…2 Couch Cushions?

Whatever you do, don’t take dating or theft tips from the aptly named though slightly misspelledTerrance Patrick O’Toole,because he doesn’t seem to be good at either one.

The most recent incident occurred Thursday at a mobile home in the 2000 block of Oak Road in Cedar Creek Township, police said.

The female victim said she has known O’Toole for several years, and since his last release from jail, he’s tried to turn the “friendship into a dating relationship,” according to the Muskegon County Sheriff’s Office report. The victim told authorities she did not want a romantic relationship with him.

The alleged assault occurred around 9:30 a.m. when O’Toole showed up at her mobile home and broke down the door, according to police reports.

Once inside, O’Toole began “screaming at her,” pulled out a clump of her hair and punched her in the eye, the report said.

He later grabbed a knife from the kitchen and began “waving the knife toward her and pointed it at her chest,” the report said.

The victim said she was able to escape the mobile home and ran around a vehicle parked outside to avoid him.

A neighbor who heard the victim screaming “came to her aid,” at which point O’Toole left, taking with him two couch cushions belonging to the victim, the report said.

I’m sure all of this was quite frightening, but seriously…couch cushions? It’s amazing how one little detail can change the entire tone of a story.

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