Monkey Maul, Victim Sue

Remember that old story about Travis the chimp mauling that poor woman? Well, if you didn’t, I’m sure all the Oprah coverage brought it back to memory. Amazingly enough, Charla Nash survived the attack, although she is still healing and horribly disfigured. That’s a lot of damage. She’s also suing the ass off of Sandra Herold, the woman foolish enough to keep a 200-pound chimp in her house, and when he was misbehaving, call Nash over to lure the animal back into her house. That’s when it happened. Oh, but the reason it happened was Travis was protecting Herold because Nash looked different. Yeesh!

I can’t find any info on how the lawsuit is going, but apparently, she’s also suing state wildlife officials for not acting faster to remove Travis when he had bit other people. Hmmm. This is why I would never make a lawyer. My head completely agrees with her and says when you sue, you sue everybody, but my heart says shouldn’t 50 million be enough? It also thinks the actions of the state department were more the makings of a criminal case than a civil one, and think that would be a better way to go. But I don’t know. I’m completely conflicted. I know she has a case…I just hate watching people turn a tragedy into a giant money grab. Sure she needs money, I’m not denying that. I just don’t know about 150 million from the state and 50 million from Herald. I’m honestly surprised that Travis didn’t get yanked when he bit an animal control officer. If Travis were a pit bull, he would have been taking a dirt nap for sure.

I’m glad Nash survived. I just hope she can heal. And Sandra Herold, don’t get another monkey, ok?

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