Finally Some Honesty

I’ve ranted about this local TV vs. the cable companies business in various posts and comments, so I thought I’d share this short, helpful video made by the Writers Guild of Canada that explains the issues in slightly more detail. Like me, it doesn’t take a side, because like me, it realizes that both sides are brimming with excrement. It even brings up a point that I forgot to mention here, that when showing American programs at the same time as the original American broadcaster, Canadian stations in most cases are able, through cable, to block out the American feed with their own so that Canadian commercials are shown, thus more eyeballs see all of these ads that are supposedly not being seen or making any money for the big corporations that would like you to think that they’re struggling businesses trying to keep your mom and pop channels on the air. WGC: “Tv Tax?” “Save Local TV?” Here’s the truth! CANADIAN tv!

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