An Old Guy That Still Has It

I realize myBob Dylan post from earlierwas a bit negative. I don’t much care, but I do realize it. So what I want to do is balance it out with some musical positivity in the form of Levon Helm.

Levon Helm is a fine example of how you can get old as a musician and still sound really good. The guy is 69 years old, has beaten throat cancer that made a mess out of his vocal chords and threatened to take his voice away a few years back, and he’s still making music this cool.

This song comes from his Electric Dirt album, which came out back in June. It was released as a free download at the time but I never got around to sharing it. Sorry about that.Levon Helm – Tennessee Jed.Yes, this is a cover of the Grateful Dead song.

Enjoy and merry Christmas to all…even Bob Dylan.

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