Donna Jodhan Wishes You A Non-Mainstream Day

I wasn’t going to link to this post because frankly, I don’t want any more people seeing this attrocity of an “advocacy” website. I think it has the potential to set us all back years. But when I showed the post to Steve, I decided that yes, in fact, more people should see this post so we can unite and send a message to this woman.

So, whenever you’re ready, read this post. Now that your blood pressure has returned to normal, I encourage you to let her know how you feel about that…whatever that was. Just be warned that she has a CAPTCHA in place, something I find highly ironic since she’s blind, and some blind people can’t solve captchas for a myriad of reasons. So if you’re blind, either listen to the helpful fellows from India or power up ye old captcha-solving tool of choice. Also, have a copy of your comment elsewhere, because if you get the captcha wrong, mmm…your comment becomes a meal.

And this woman calls herself an advocate. Yikes!

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