Sing the Roundabout Song

Back at the beginning of the year, I talked about the roundabout dance ad campaign. I got thinking today that I should put up the mp3 of the song for two reasons: 1. the song is catchy, and 2. the words scare the hell out of me. So, may I have this roundabout dance?

Do the roundabout dance,
point your finger to say,
I’m crossin’ here,
I’m walkin’ this way.

In the roundabout dance,
watchin’ traffic flow,
cause you decide
when to step out and go.

In the roundabout dance, in the roundabout dance…

Keep watchin’ those drivers,
are they watchin’ too?
When they slow or stop,
there’ll be time for you.

In the roundabout dance,
in the roundabout dance.

Are you scared now too? Look at how many references there were to looking at drivers, getting their attention, and you deciding when to step into traffic. Yeah, that’s gonna work swimmingly for me. Real good idea.

But enjoy the song anyway. I hum it whenever I approach the corner they want to turn into a roundabout. It enters my head about two blocks back.

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