Dear HMV: Thanks For Most Of The Songs, But It Should Have Been All Of Them

I just finished picking out and downloading my10 free songsfromHMV Digital.Thanks for all the suggestions, ya bastards. Quite the helpful bunch you all are. Don’t worry, I probably wouldn’t have wanted to suggest anything either.

Anyway, I figure I’ll list what I bought and then do a little complaining.

  • Colin James – Chicks ‘N Cars (And the Third World War)
  • Colin James – Five Long Years
  • Colin James – Just Came Back
  • Colin James – Keep On Loving Me Baby
  • Colin James – Voodoo Thing
  • Great Lake Swimmers – Pulling On A Line
  • Roy Acuff – Old Age Pension Check
  • the New Lost City Ramblers – Sales Tax On The Women
  • Free Energy – Dark Trance
  • Free Energy – Free energy

The reason there’s so much Colin James on there is that I was replacing a few songs that I lost in the great crash of 04 or only had in really bad quality. And yes, for anybody who would know, I am aware that there’s a third track on the Free energy EP, which means it’s time to start the complaining.

Apparently when HMV says free tracks up to a maximum of 10, they aren’t fucking around. so serious are they about this limit that even though I had an extra track in my basket that I was aware of and fully prepared to pay for, they were not going to let me have it. they also were not going to let me in on this little secret, leaving me to discover it for myself while I downloaded my tracks 1 at a time thanks to the uselessness of the download manager. At least it was only one song, I would have been right pissed if I had taken the time to load up 20 or 30 of them.

Seriously, what the fuck? Is subtraction really that complicated? I thought all shopping carts could just do that. You buy so much, you get so much free. You punch in your code and the magic just happens. That’s the way it’s always been…until today. If it was an oversight or a programming error, please fix it. If that’s the wayh things are supposed to work, whoever decided that is a goddamned idiot. Why would you want to annoy your customers by wasting their time and cost yourself money by not allowing people to pay for things they want? In my experience an annoyed customer isn’t usually a repeat customer, so I hope change is on the way.

Ok, I’m done now. Hopefully I don’t have to have this talk again. I’m going to go enjoy some music and lunch now. Bye.

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