They Like Us! They Really Really Like Us!

Thanksgiving award

Ro gave us a Thanksgiving award thingy. What a sweety. I swear we’re the same person sometimes. I’m happy we never scared her away way back when she started reading our crazy stuff.

So the rules are you’re supposed to pass this award on to five other blog authors who you think deserve a little something and explain why. Even though our Thanksgiving was done a month ago, this is cute anytime of the year, so off we go. Damn it I’d give it to Ro, but she already got it, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten it! And damn it, I’d give it to Emily, but she’s already become a lucky recipient. By the way, Emily, congrats about Douglas! That is so awesome.

Hmmm. Where do I start? Maybe I’ll start with Andrea because without her, we wouldn’t have this new template. She seems like a fun person, and her little girl sounds cute cute cute!

The next one I want to give a little something to is Ann Adams. I wish I’d been able to meet up with her when I was getting Trixie. She’s just all around cool, and she sometimes makes me think. I feel like I know her even though we’ve never met.

Another blog that can either be hilarious, heart-wrenching, or a combination of the two, is Sweet | Salty. I first started reading her when she had her twins way early and one of them was in rough, rough shape. Sadly, he didn’t make it, and she wrote about the whole experience with such realism and deep feeling that you couldn’t help but feel like you were right there with her. She’s now written a kid’s book, and I’m sure it’s friggin awesome. I still wonder if it’ll be available in alternate formats.

Jill is also awesome. She has lots of insight into both people and dogs. Speaking of Jill, hey, where’ve ya gone? We miss you on the comments! I hope you and Paxol are doing well. Please drop me a line some time.

And gees, how could I forget Thordora? Without her, I never would have met Ann, or Kate, or Andrea, since Ann introduced me to Andrea. She can be fun, and even her sadder, deeper stuff is thought-provoking. Plus I think everybody should watch this video. Isn’t Vivian cute? I wish I had one of Rosalyn as well, but all her damn video players are embedded as transparent, so if I want a video link, I gotta dig it out of the source code! Blech! And that one I just sort of knew how to quickly find.

Edit: watch ’em both run to the hills.

So congrats to our five recipients. You guys all rock.

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