Shaken To The Core

This whole idea is just bad bad bad. Let me give you the scoop and then explain why I think it’s a horrible plan.

Rita Marcalo, a British actress who has epilepsy, has decided that the only way to somehow bring public awareness about seizures, or something, is to try to induce one in public, and have people pay to watch. the show is called “involuntary dances,” what a horrible name, and I’m not sure exactly when it is going to happen. In preparation for this foolish display, she has stopped taking her medication. She is also going to raise her body temperature, fast, and look into strobe lights during the 24-hour event. People will be given sleeping bags, but will be roused from their slumbers by a siren if she starts to have a seizure so they can videotape it with their cellphones. This show is being sponsored by an arts council grant.

Yeah, ok. I’m not even going to get into the argument of dumbasses choosing to copy her because they think it’s cool. It could happen, but it seems people will copy anything they see these days. What bothers me more is the risk she’s putting herself through. She’s stopped taking her medication. That on its own could do who knows what to a body. I don’t know if seizure medications are addictive, but they very well may be. Next, the distinct lack of the words “doctors will be on hand” worries me a lot. Seizures aren’t just one thing. They cause the body to jerk, fall, lose control of itself. She could choke on her tongue. She could smash her head if someone doesn’t know what to do. Worse, if they can’t get the seizure under control, it could cause untold brain damage, and even death. And this is what she wants to induce.

And let’s look at the other end of the spectrum. What if she is unable to induce a seizure? What then? Then people will be questioning whether or not she has epilepsy. Does she want that? And don’t even start telling me they won’t question it. The type of dicks who would pay to watch someone have a seizure are the kind of dicks who would be the first ones saying “maybe it’s all a big lie.” I have a pretty good feeling about this.

I don’t know if I’ll hear about how the event goes, but I may have to keep my ears open, not because I want to see someone have a seizure, but because I want to know if she ends up killing or severely injuring herself over this stupidity.

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