Disturbing the Peace While Getting A Piece…

Remember our old buddies Caroline and Steve Cartwright? The noisy lovers who kept a partially deaf woman awake with their very, very, very loud bumpin’ and grindin’ and screamin’ and howlin’? Well, it looks like it’s not getting any better. I’d love to be a fly on the wall during this court case. I can’t imagine being so loud that the mailman complained! The mailman? Not only that, but the neighbour was able to record chunks of their…um…nighttime fun, and have the decibels measured. I also would not be able to stop laughing at their noisy sex being referred to as causing noise at the level of a statutory nuissance!

This story is bound to make you chuckle all the way through. Just imagining her trying to muffle her face with a pillow is enough to make me snicker. Or how about the description of the noises coming from that bedroom?

Marion Dixon, a council environmental health manager, took notes which said: “I heard a male voice howling loudly, which I felt was very unnerving.”

Her colleague Pamela Spark called the sounds “hysterical, almost continuous, just screaming.
“I found it very disturbing and I noted that it sounded like she was being murdered.”

Hmmm. Sounds like they could make a career giving love-making advice. Much thanks to Ann Adams for giving me the update on these folks.

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