The Plants Are Sharper Than The Humans

The idea of a guy shooting down a saguaro cactus just for something to do kills me, especially when the cactus fell on the shooter, killing him. Ha ha ha David Grundman and James Joseph Suchochi, but especially David Grundman, who shot the cactus and died. Those things can weigh 8 tons. Do you really want to destroy the supporting trunk of something that ways 8 tons when you’re directly in its line of fire? You’re not gonna make it…and your death is gonna hurt. That’s 8 tons of spikes falling on you. tim-berrrr!

As an aside, this Snopes story sent me on the hunt for the song “Saguaro” by the Austin Lounge Lizards. Apparently they wrote a song about these losers, and I must hear it. That song is impossible to find, but these guys sound like a lot of fun from what I saw. So I took a gamble, and bought the album that has the Saguaro song on it. We’ll see if it’s even half as good as I hope it is.

Check out their website. They have quite a few albums that sound cool. The only annoying part is they have a sample player that keeps going and going and going. It’s fun, but it makes it hard to navigate the site. For JAWS-users, if you hit the fourth button down that says 4 button, that should stop the music. Ro will have to tell us what she presses with Voiceover…if the silly flash doesn’t make Alex cry. Oh, one more thing about the site. For some reason, IE has a bug up its ass and thinks this site is spoofed or something. I don’t know what its problem is. It’s their official website, and if you decide to buy something, all info is routed through PayPal’s shopping cart system. So if someone can tell me why IE thinks the lizards are gone phishin’, I’d love to know.

So yeah. Because of a story about a pair of cactus-shooting dumbasses, I just bought an album from an artist I’ve never heard before. Crazy stuff.

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