Seems I’m Better Off Whooping On Old Folks Than Kids

From the folks who brought youHow Many 5-year-olds Could You Take In A FightcomesHow Many 90-year-olds Could You Take In A Fight? Answering as honestly as possible I scored 19, 1 better than I got back when we were working with the kids. Feel free to post your own scores and words of mockery in […]

They Like Us! They Really Really Like Us!

Ro gave us a Thanksgiving award thingy. What a sweety. I swear we’re the same person sometimes. I’m happy we never scared her away way back when she started reading our crazy stuff. So the rules are you’re supposed to pass this award on to five other blog authors who you think deserve a little […]

>It’s Not Just Wood, It’s Sonic Wood

>Hey Joey Wallace. Find better ways to cheer up a girl than flashing Sonic employees, ok? And stay away from the booze when behind the wheel. Hey, maybe stay away from the booze altogether. If you weren’t drinking, maybe you wouldn’t have thought that was a great idea. Then again, you would have probably thought […]

Yoomi Yoomi Yoomi, It Puts Warm Milk In His Tummy

For those of you who like your eggs pre-cracked and your coffee cans self-heating, here comes something else for you. Why stumble around the kitchen trying to remember how to warm your baby’s milk when you can just press a button on the bottle, and it will heat itself? Seriously. The Yoomi, that’s its name, […]