The Hoople Mobility Aid: Anybody Ever Heard Of It?

I’m reading some documentation about wayfinding techniques for blinks and others with other disabilities, and in the definitions section, it mentions the Hoople Mobility Aid. It’s supposed to be an alternative to the cane, and amazingly, it’s not full of electronics. It sounds kinda cool! Is there any reason it didn’t take off? Or did […]

Dear HMV: Thanks For Most Of The Songs, But It Should Have Been All Of Them

I just finished picking out and downloading my10 free songsfromHMV Digital.Thanks for all the suggestions, ya bastards. Quite the helpful bunch you all are. Don’t worry, I probably wouldn’t have wanted to suggest anything either. Anyway, I figure I’ll list what I bought and then do a little complaining. Colin James – Chicks ‘N Cars […]

Behold Our Singing Screenreader Collection!

I don’t know how I got thinking about this, but this old post floated through my head, and I realized that the site it links to has died and since been bought up by some nondescript software and domain-selling’ thingamabob. No, that page isn’t going to have singing computers on it. Nope, none at all. […]