A Few Notes From The Trip, Including What The Presents Were

I hope that’s a good picture, I had to go online to find one since nobody’s around to take one for me right now and I don’t trust myself to get one with the whole cover visible. Anyway, what I hope you’re looking at is the cover of the book my brother got me for […]

Thoughts Knocking Around In My Head

I have more random thoughts. I must be in a thoughtful mood since I’m here all alone. Maybe it keeps me from talking to myself if I write on the blog. Na, I’d probably talk to myself anyway, and hey, if I’m talking, I could be talking to the Trixter. What I did find myself […]

Another One Becomes Buried In Christmas Cards

Cards tag? What do you think? We can add the family of Nathan Elfrink to the pile of people who will forever regret the decision to ask for a few cards. Someone decided that they really meant a million. Now Nathan Elfrink is no longer with us, and the cards keep coming. They’re now asking […]