I’m Sorry About All Of This, It Was Just One Of Those He Said, She Vandalize Type Situations

You’re a teacher. One of your co-workers makes some comments about you that you don’t particularly like. What do you do? If the police theory is accurate, what you do if you happen to be Brenda Sue Rawls is round up a 7th grader from the school you teach at, some sardine juice, condoms and lubricant and then use those things tovandalize a mini-fridge, a teacher’s desk and three lockers at the school you work at.You then have a change of heart and return later with air fresheners to hopefully clean up the lockers a bit.

When that’s done, you get charged with vandalism under $500, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and criminal trespassing. You also get your bond set at $1000 for the $250 worth of damage you did to the school.

Yeah, that’ll show that mouthy colleague a thing or 2 for sure.

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